Jane Hammett

Copy-editor and Proofreader


Projects I have worked on include the following.

2017: For adults

Copy for a travel agency, a fashion magazine, a PR agency, local councils, construction companies, a zoo, a nature reserve, a wildlife organisation, a therapist and other businesses

  • Dave Sivers: The Blood That Binds
  • Katarina West: The Thousand Tiny Miracles of Living Twice
  • Carl Vernon: Iím Anxious!
  • Deana Luchia: Happy as Harry (Headline)
  • Elizabeth Kilbey: Unplugged Parenting (Headline)
  • Liontas (ed.): The TESOL Encyclopedia of English Language Teaching
  • REtoday magazine (Christian Publishing)

2017: For children

  • Storytime magazine
  • The Prince’s Underpants (One Third Stories)
  • Sophie Le Marchand and Sarah Reddaway: Say what you feel (Palabras Aladas, Spain)
  • Caighlan Smith: Children of Daedalus (Curious Fox)
  • Victor Selles: The Lundenwich Society
  • H. Easson: The Legend of Jack Riddle (Curious Fox)

2016: For adults

  • Hannah Ellis: Beneath These Stars and Beyond the Lens
  • Erica Ridley: Lord of Chance
  • Jennifer Joyce: A Beginner’s Guide to Saying I Do
  • Luan Wise: Relax! It’s Only Social Media
  • Carl Vernon: The Less Stress Lifestyle (Headline) and Anxiety Rebalance
  • Jackie Beere: GROW: Change your mindset, change your life (Crown House Publishing)
  • David Hodgson: What Else Can A Teacher Do? (Crown House Publishing)
  • REtoday magazine (Christian Publishing)

2016: For children

  • Marcus Sedgwick: Saint Death (Orion Children’s Books)
  • Pete Begler: The Fearless Travellers’ Guide to Wicked Places (Curious Fox)
  • English Skills series (Schofield & Sims)
  • Wow! Incredible Facts about Dinosaurs (Parragon)
  • Wow! Incredible Facts about Everything (Parragon)
  • Emotionary: Say what you feel (Palabras Aladas, Spain)
  • Carrie Mortleman: Hellie the Hovercraft Elephant
  • Richard Heddington: Henry the Hedgegnome series
  • Mallory Leigh: The Golden Amulet
  • H.G. Sansostri: The Chronicles of Derek Dunstable

2015: For adults

  • Copy for a global travel agency and a PR agency
  • Koeberle-Schmidt et al.: Governance in Family Enterprises (Palgrave Macmillan)
  • Conor Jameson: Shrewdunnit: The Nature Files (Pelagic Publishing)
  • Cameron: Subjects of Security (Palgrave Macmillan)
  • Penna and Rivers: Natural Disasters in a Global Environment (John Wiley & Sons)
  • Penna and Rivers: Natural Disasters in a Global Environment (John Wiley & Sons)
  • Brysbaert and Rastle: Historical and Conceptual Issues in Psychology 2/e (Pearson Education)
  • Staffroom magazine – Osiris Educationalell
  • Li and Cross (eds): Cyberbullying in the Global Playground (Wiley-Blackwell)
  • Concepts in Animal Welfare (World Society for the Protection of Animals, London)
  • Natasha Mostert: The Keeper, Midnight Side, Season of the Witch, Windwalker

2015: For children

  • Lauren St John: The Glory (Orion Children’s Books)
  • Linda Chapman: Best Friends' Bakery series (Orion Children’s Books)
  • Sara Grant: Half Lives (Orion Children’s Books)
  • Soul Storm (in the Soul Beach trilogy) (Kate Harrison, Orion Children’s Books)
  • KS2 Comprehension, books 1-4 – Schofield & Sims
  • Steve Backshall: Deadly Detectives (Orion Children’s Books)
  • Marcus Sedgwick: the Elf Girl and Raven Boy series (Orion Children’s Books)